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Правила для кандидатов

This notice has been written to help you. 
Read it carefully and do as you are asked.
If there is anything you do not understand, ask your teacher or the examination supervisor.


• You must provide photographic proof of your identity (for
example: national identity card, passport, police certificate
of identity, driving licence) and your statement of entry at
every paper.

• Only have on your desk what you need to complete the
examination (pens, pencils and erasers).

• Disable any alarms on your mobile phone, or other
electronic devices, then switch it off and place it with your
personal belongings where the supervisor indicates.

• Stop writing immediately when told to do so.

• Wait until your candidate access token or question paper,
answer sheet(s) and any paper used for rough work have
been collected by the supervisor before you leave the
examination room.

• DO NOT cheat, copy, give anything to, take anything from, or
talk to another candidate.

• DO NOT have with you any electronic device such as mobile
phones, digital sound recorders and MP3 players, cameras

• DO NOT use, or attempt to use, a dictionary (except in Skills
for Life Reading Entry 1, 2 and 3, where English-English
dictionaries only may be used).

• DO NOT use correction fluid on answer sheets.

• DO NOT talk to or disturb other candidates during the

• DO NOT smoke, eat or drink in the examination room, apart
from plain still water only from a plastic bottle with a secure

• DO NOT leave the examination room for any reason without
the permission of the supervisor or invigilator.

• DO NOT permanently leave the room within a certain period
of time from the start (which will be explained to you by the
invigilator) or within 10 minutes of the official finish time. In
all cases, you must ask for permission to leave.

• DO NOT take any information relating to the examination
questions or answers out of the examination room.

• DO NOT make any noise near the examination room.


Make sure you are on time
• Know the date, time and place of your examination and
arrive well before the scheduled starting time.

• If you arrive late for any of the papers, report to the
supervisor or invigilator. In some cases you may not be
allowed to take the examination.

• If you are admitted, not all of your work may be accepted.

• If you miss any of the papers, you may not be given a grade.
Advice and assistance during the examination

• Listen to the supervisor or invigilator and follow the

• If you are not sure about what to do, raise your hand to
attract attention. The invigilator will come to your

• You must not ask for, and will not be given, any explanation
of the questions.

• If you do not feel well on the day of the examination or think
that your work may be affected for any other reason, tell the
supervisor or invigilator.

Examination instructions specific to paper-based tests
• Read carefully and follow the instructions printed on the
question paper and on the answer sheet.

• Tell the supervisor or invigilator at once:
• • if your personal details shown on the answer sheet are
• • if you think you have been given the wrong question paper
• • if the question paper is incomplete or badly printed.

Examination instructions specific to computer-based tests
• Read carefully and follow the instructions given on screen.
• Tell the invigilator at once:
• • if your personal details shown on the screen are wrong
• • if you think you have not been given the right test
• • if the on-screen questions are incomplete or poorly
• • if your headphones are not working.

If you cheat, use any unfair practice or break the rules, you will be disqualified.